Affiliate Program Overview


• Pays up to 40% commission per sale!

• Earn commissions from your Affiliates, for life!

• Free to join! Anyone can join! 24/7 Fully Automated Tracking!

• Make unlimited income (we do not cap earnings) from our Affiliate Program!

Make money with Ablewise.com's Affiliate Program today!

Anyone can join our Affiliate Program. With or without your own website or URL, you can make a sizable income with our Advanced and Fully-Integrated Program. We are the only classifieds in the industry that features a Fully-Integrated, Self-Governed, 30 days Cookie-Enabled and Paypal-Linked Affiliate Program.

How do I join?

In order to join our Affiliate Program, you must first register a free account with us. This is a ONE-LOGIN account, meaning you can access all the features of Ablewise.com Classifieds from this one account. Unlike other websites that require separate registrations for their services, accounts and Affiliate Programs, Ablewise.com requires just one.

After you have registered and logged in, look under your control panel for the tab "Affiliate Program » My Affiliates". Simple instructions on how to start your campaign, track your Affiliate Income and withdraw money to your Paypal account can be found on this page.

Is it safe to join?

Definitely. Unlike other websites that use free or third-party Affiliate Programs, Ablewise.com operates its very own. Our Affiliate Program was developed from scratch and integrated perfectly into our existing online classifieds. By having our own Program, there is no risk of other companies bankrupting or running away with your money. There are not many classifieds that did it to this scale, and we are proud that we are one of the very few.

How much commission am I paid?

Ablewise.com is very generous with its Affiliate Commission, simply because we think you deserve it. For a start, all members who join our Program for free can make a commission of 20% per sale (with no limit to the amount you can make from each sale). Our Premium Members (Silver and above) can make up to 40% commission per sale, and on average, over US$500 a month simply by advertising our Affiliate Links! How easy can it get?!

How am I paid?

Ablewise.com has tied up with Paypal.com to let you easily transfer money (at no extra charge) into your Paypal account, whenever you want! There is no fixed weekly, fortnightly or monthly transfer schedules to meet. There is also no need for delayed check payments and bank clearances. With Ablewise.com's Affiliate Program, you are in control.

How different is your Affiliate Program compared to the rest?

Unlike other websites that track on a per-sale basis, Ablewise.com's Affiliate Program tracks on a per-user basis (with 30 days Cookie-Enabled)! This means that for every new user you invite to our site, you will receive commissions for all purchases made by this user, for life! Commissions can come from Free and Power Ad postings, Ad modifications, Ad enhancements, upgrading of memberships and renewals of all sort! 24/7 fully automated tracking!

Click here to view an example of an active Affiliate's account.

To start promoting your own unique Affiliate Links, or to look at our Affiliate Program interface and see how simple we have made it into, please go to "My Affiliates" now!