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Importance of Keywords

Keyword Analysis is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Picking and targeting the right keywords is crucial. Webmasters should choose keywords that reflect the content of their site, in other words, keywords relevancy to the site has to be high.

Quote from Wikipedia:

Keyword density is the measurement in percentage, the number of times a keyword or phrase appears compared to the total number of words in a page. In the context of search engine optimization keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase. Due to the ease of managing keyword density, search engines usually implement other measures of relevancy to prevent unscrupulous webmasters from creating search spam through practices such as keyword stuffing.

Do not engage in the following bad practices:
  • Stuff many keywords onto the site in the bid to increase traffic from keyword searches. Current Search Engines are intelligent enough to detect such practices. As the quote from wikipedia says, search engines implement many different ways to measure relevancy. Keyword density is but just one of them. Do not try to abuse it and risk being black list by search engines.
  • Target keywords which are popular but have low/no relevancy to what the site has to offer.
  • Do not spam a certain keyword with the intention to increase the keyword density. The keyword occurence should not appear to be 'spammy' to the users.
Suggestion and Recommendation:
  • To pick the correct keywords, first put yourself in the user's perspective. Do surveys and research to find out what customers call your products and services.
  • It is good practice for your site to include a meta keyword tag which contain the targeted keywords.
  • Targeted keywords should appear several times over the content of the page. You should ensure that each targeted keywords should at least appear twice.
  • Study your competitors meta keyword tags. Know what keywords are being targeted. You will not want to deviate very far from what your competitors are targeting. Determine if you would like to go niche with more specific keywords or to compete against the common keywords.
  • Emphasize the keywords with bigger font, bold and header tags when applicable.